Jun 04, 2023

Trends Transforming The Growth of Automotive Industry

  • By Deirdre Mathis,
the Trends That Fuel the Growth of Automotive Industry in 2022

In 2022, the automotive industry is expected to resume its robust growth path. Automakers took advantage of the downturn to reinvent themselves by embracing digital transformation in accordance with a customer shift towards personal mobility that is safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than public or shared mobility. Automotive will be resurrected in the years 2022 and beyond.

The automotive sector has always been viewed as a broad playing field with constant movement, but major inventions or breakthroughs are uncommon. Things have changed gradually, and the driving force behind this transformation was the upsurge of digital technology.

The modern world’s pervasive digitization has invaded the automotive industry on the whole. The Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences have transformed the outlook of the mobility business in the last two years, slowly shifting the operations and products of the automotive market.

Several trends in the automotive industry will have an impact on the industry’s future in 2022 and beyond. These developments impact how vehicles are powered, driven, shopped for, and purchased. The five most important trends that the global automotive sector is predicted to see in 2022 are listed below.

Increased Productivity of EVs

Automotive companies are striving to incorporate more digital technologies into their vehicles. According to the digital behemoths, electric vehicles are completely capable of replacing traditional fossil fuel vehicles in next decades. As a result, vehicles produced in 2022 and beyond will undoubtedly be loaded with technologies to ensure digital touchpoints.

Digital technologies will be integrated into the new vehicles to power and influence the modern, revolutionary zero-emission electric vehicles, and there is a competitive rivalry development of software and digital and electronic operating systems.

By 2030, electric vehicles are anticipated to surpass traditional ICE vehicles. As a result, more new electric cars are anticipated to be launched in 2023, driving the global EV share of the auto industry greater than 2022.

Self-driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are here and will become pervasive in 2022 and beyond. Digital giants such as Google and Tesla are developing self-driving vehicles. According to a research, the benefits of self-driving vehicles are listed below:

  • More safer and effectively reduces downtime
  • Improve the last-mile delivery scope
  • Eliminate driver exhaustion and negligence-related accidents
  • Enhance fuel efficiency by 10 percent
  • Decrease CO2 emissions by 42 million metric tons per year

Several trucking businesses have successfully performed the testing of self-driving technology at various places across the country. Starting from 2022, a fleet of autonomous self-driving commercial vehicles or a self-driving Tesla will be ubiquitous.

Wrapping Up

Market forecasts for 2022 remain optimistic, with vehicle sales expected to continue growing. Customer expectations and evolving demands are driving various key changes in the emerging automotive trends. The automotive industry’s progress has been significantly accelerated by recent breakthroughs in the digital realm. After two hard years of uncertainty, it appears that the automotive industry is taking further steps, which is probably for the best.


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